What happens when a User has access to a Contract Container from both Additional Access and their Folder Permissions?

Using the example images below, you'll see how the system will look at both their permissions to ensure they have the most access they should, and never be limited from working in the system how they should.

Note: This was originally an issue where Users given Additional Access permissions (usually MORE limited than Folder Permissions) were being limited to ONLY their Additional Access permissions. This system feature simply ensures they will always be defaulted to their permissions with the MOST access, however there are cases where Users may have a combination of permissions in certain Containers.


Let's assume a User has access to a Contract with both Additional Access and Folder Permissions

Their permissions will look like the example below, where they have Change Contract Folder & Be a Contract Owner from Additional Access and Delete Document & Delete Fields, Field Groups, or Tables from Folder Permissions

When that User enters the Container where both permission sets have to be considered, they would have the following permissions for that specific Contract.

They will have everything except for Change Contract Owner (which neither permission set had enabled) due to the combination of permissions.