In System Updates

Next Reminder Date

We made a small change to the way AMR’s track when notifications will be sent out next. We removed the previous Snooze Date, which ONLY showed information if the User manually entered a Snooze Date, and replaced it with the new Next Notification Date.


This date represents when the next Notification will be sent. It will be based on the Reminder or Final Notice settings from the Rule itself by default, however, if the User manually Snoozes the reminder, the date will show the manually entered Snooze Date with an (S) next to the date to distinguish this date was manually set.

We hope this helps you and your Users keep better track of your Milestones, and ensure your Rules are reminding your Users on the schedule you need them to.

Global Search | Auto-Include Archive

We have made a slight change to the way Global Search works when you use Contract ID.

Include Archived will now ALWAYS be checked, so no matter the Archive Status of the Contract you are entering the ID for, you will be brought right to it.

All other Global Searches still require you manually check the Archived box to include those results.

Editing Terms Message

To help avoid accidental errors to any Term information, we have added a feature to Terms where the system forces you to either Save or Cancel your edits to the Terms field before interacting with anything other that other Summary Data when in a Contract.

We hope this eliminates any accidental or unwanted edits to your Contract Term information from you or your Users.


Feature Changes

Collaboration | Email Display Name Change

If you are a company that uses Collaboration, there will be a slight display change to the way the emails are sent. 

To help more clearly identify who was sending the most recent message in a Collaboration, the “From” for any Collaboration will now display as:

Name of Person Replying via iContracts Collaboration 

This changes nothing of the functionality of Collaboration or the way it displays in UCM, just the way it displays in your local inbox.


Bulk Loader Updates

We have had two updates to the UCM Bulk Loader application that should help to make things easier to navigate, and load.


The first change, is making the items in the Bulk Loader match the name of the items in the system, so the Bulk Loader will now read Upload Containers instead of Upload Contracts, with similar edits to other areas.


The other change is when you are preforming the Bulk Load, if there are any Errors with your CSV Upload file, you can now choose to upload the data that is correct and then receive a report of the lines you need to go back and fix. This should make Bulk Loading information much faster and easier.


Patch Fixes 

Complete All Milestones Bug

There was an issue with Milestones where if an Admin, or User with the Complete All Milestones permission enabled, used the Complete all open Milestones for All Users option from the pop-up menu, then it would also complete any Milestones already set for future dates as well. 

This issue is also resolved now, and using that option will ONLY complete All Milestones for that particular rule AND date. Future Milestones will be left to send out as they should.

AMR Escalation Reminder Email

We fixed a bug on Escalation AMR reminders where the Click Here link was not working as intended, and the date ranges all had 12:00 AM Timestamps to them. These issues have been cleaned up and resolved.