With the release of the new UCM Notification Center, there were updates to how Recent Contracts are tracked, stored, and accessed.


Previously, you would only see, on average, five (5) of your most recently accessed Contracts. Also, you could only access this list from the Home page, so before you could jump around between Contracts, you had to first navigate home, then use the list. Usually this meant a Global Search would be faster, and sort of nullified the use of the Recent Contracts list if you weren’t already on the Home page.


However, you now have two NEW areas to see your Recent Contracts.


For one, from the new Notification Center, you have a list of your fifty (50) most recently accessed Contracts, as well as a time stamp for when it was last accessed. This pop-up list can be brought up from any page in UCM by simply using the envelope icon located above the Global Search. The Notification Center area for Recent Contracts will also include a timestamp of when you Last Accessed the Container, which may help you to identify more quickly and accurately which Contract you should be going into to pick-up where you left off.


The other area where you can now access Recent Contracts is from the Recent Contacts Clock next to the Global Search. The list you see here mirrors the list of fifty (50) from the Notification Center, however you do not have the Last Accessed time stamp. The benefit here though, is that this list is visible without needing to open up the Notification Center pop-up, so you can jump between Containers even faster!