Feature Updates

Column Selector Gear Cog - Contracts Grid 

We have made it easier to access the Column Selector on the Contracts Grid by adding in a Gear Cog to the upper right corner. We will eventually be adding this to all grids, once we add the Column Selector to all grids as well.

This has NOT replaced the old method of accessing the  Column Selector, just makes it a bit easier.

Terms Box - Default to Open on NEW Contracts

IF you have Terms enabled in your system, all NEW Contracts that you create, either from Direct Entry, Templates, or Copy, will default to open to the Terms Box immediately after the container is generated. We hope this helps to guide your Users to fill out the Terms earlier and with more ease.

Company Admin Sub-Menus

Only UCM Admins will see this Feature, but similar to the update a few months ago where you could go to each of the Admin sections by hovering over the Enterprise Ribbon, we have expanded that to also include the 4 sub-menus.

If you hover over Account Info, Contracts Administration, Settings, or Object Administration (if applicable) you will see all the sub-options to choose from, and go directly to that item. This will help you to navigate quicker between Admin Items and the Database itself.

Excel Files for Scheduled Views 

Last month, we added the ability to export your UCM Contract Views to a preformatted Excel File. We have now added that as an option to all Scheduled Views as well!

All NEW scheduled Views will default to Excel, but can be set as CSV if needed.

For all EXISITING scheduled Views, they will continue sending as CSV files but you can edit the preference from CSV to Excel format.

Notification Center - Milestone ID 

This enhancement won't be used in your regular, day-to-day use of UCM and the Notification Center, but we have now added in the Milestone ID as an OPTIONAL column in the Notification Center. 


We recommend you keep this OFF usually, but if you need any assistance from UCM Support with your Milestones, we will ask you add this column to your grid before you export the results and send us any files.

Beta Feature - ADMIN

Manage Users Grid Filters (11/1 Release)

More information about use and Functionality will be coming on this in it's own article after First Friday.

Been a long requested item, but we are adding Filters to UCM grids! 

We are trying something a little different in our Enhancement roll out for this feature however, and only releasing this in the Manage Users section of UCM to begin with. We will be asking for some minor feedback from our Admins about it's use and functionality to work out any small kinks before we roll out to all Users.

Patch Fixes 

Workflow Approval icon incorrectly showing/flashing

An issue where the Approval Clipboard icon would flash when a Stage was updated, and occasionally persist in staying visible has been cleared up and fixed. You should no longer see and incorrect Approval icons, and only on Approval Stages.

Activities showing in Notification Center early

There was a reported bug of Activities appearing in the Notification Center as soon as they were created, NOT based on the Start Date. That has since been fixed and Activities will only appear after the Start Date has passed.

Old Activities pop-up displaying

Finally, there was an error where the old Activities pop-up menu would appear in the lower left hand corner of the system, and it would be "stuck" there, with no way to interact with it. This has also been cleared and should no longer appear.