Feature Updates

System Attributes for Templates 

We have now added all System Attributes to Templates. The full list of available items you can now include in your Templates, both "Classic" and Library, are below:

  • Contract Name
  • Contract Type
  • Description
  • Folder Name
  • Owner
  • Primary Party
  • Secondary Party
  • Tertiary Party
  • Related To
  • Stage
  • Workflow
  • Contract IDWill only appear if the Template is being created AFTER the Contract Container has already been made

Below, you can see what the drop-down menu for Classic Templates looks like, as well as the copy board from the Library Template set-up. For more information on how to create and configure these templates, click HERE.

Term Fields for Templates 

We have also added all available Term Dates and Fields to the Template Placeholders. Similar to the Attributes above, you can add them into your Templates as needed using a similar drop-down menu for Classic Templates, and copy board for Library Templates.

The Terms box Start & End Date have always been options for templates, but we have now added the following:

  • Term Type - All
  • Duration - Fixed
  • Notify By - Fixed | Recurring
  • Notify By Date - Fixed | Recurring 

  • Next Review Date - Rolling
  • Review Recurrence - Rolling

  • Next Renewal Date - Recurring
  • Renewal Period - Recurring 
  • Renews Until Cycles - Recurring 
  • Renews Until Date - Recurring 
  • Current Renewal Cycle - Recurring 
  • Total Renewal Cycles - Recurring 
  • Initial Period - Recurring 
  • Cancelled On Date - Recurring 

When using the Term Field placeholders, you may need to consider the different Term Types that the Template could be used for. This could mean you put multiple placeholders in one area of your Template, but depending on what exact Term Type is being used will determine what dates appear on the Template document. If any Term placeholders do not have corresponding information from the Terms of the Contract, then the placeholder will appear as a blank space on the template.

Today's Date for Templates 

Finally, we also added in a placeholder for Today's Date. This placeholder will simply put in the date the Template document was created on.

There is NO entry area for it when creating the Template and/or Contract Container. Simply click the Add Fields to Template icon on a Classic Template, or Preview/Save for a Library, and Today's Date will automatically be entered anywhere the placeholder is at in the Template document.


Patch Fixes 

Library Templates and Term Data

We released a patch to resolve an issue where the current Term Data entered into a Contract was not being brought into the Library Template area like other Summary Data Fields. All currently entered Term data is now correctly brought into the Template entry page, the Template itself, and any updates are reflected in the Container upon saving.

Attached to this issue was also one where certain Fields were being created as individual Fields in a Container after saving a Library Template document even though the Field in question was already in a field Group. This has also been resolved, and no additional, unnecessary Fields will be seen after saving a Library Template.

Notify By Date on Final Cycle

Last month we released an update where the Next Renewal Date no longer displays during the final cycle of a Recurring Contract with an End Date, however, there were some Contracts that had missing Notify By Dates on that final cycle. This issue has since been resolved and Notify By Dates are being created and calculated correctly.

Gear Cog not appearing for all Users

After the release of the Gear Cog last month that brings up the Column Selector screen, it was reported that certain Users were not seeing it appear. We have identified the issue causing it to not display, and all Users will now see the Cog in the top right corner of all Contract View and Attachment Grids.

Daylight Savings Time affecting Scheduled Views

Finally, we have addressed an issue of Scheduled Views arriving an hour off of it's set schedule. All Scheduled Views should be arriving at the designated time, regardless of observance of DST.