Milestone (AMR) Updates

In Container "Off" Switch for Milestones 

We have added the ability to turn off Milestone Reminders directly from the Contract Container. 

This allows you to keep using your Milestone Rules for all your other Contracts as you normally would, but if you have a Contract you do not need reminders on, like a 1-day Guest Speaker Contract, you can now simply click a button instead of needing to manually delete each reminder to prevent it from sending. 

Doing so is as easy as selecting the option from the menu in the Info Box (A).

You will be given a warning message letting you know what you are about to do, and how it will affect the reminders on this Contract.

If you need to begin receiving reminders on a Contract again in the future, you can easily Enable AMR's again from the same area (B).

You will again be given a message letting you know how this will affect the reminders on this Contract.

Note: This is a Permission based action, which is ONLY given to Admins by default. This can be given to Full-Access and Read-Only Users if you wish as an Allow To Permission.

AMR Set-Up Options for Term Type on LogicBased

We have also added in the ability to configure which Term Types the LogicBased Milestone selection applies to. On the set-up page, you will now see three checkboxes under your date selection for Fixed, Rolling, and Recurring.

All three will be checked for all existing rules, and will be checked by default on all new Milestones as well. 

Deselecting a Term Type here will prevent any Contracts with the selected Term Type from creating Milestone Reminders on the applicable dates. Those dates would be:

  • Fixed = End Date or Notify By Date
  • Rolling = Review Date
  • Recurring = Renewal Date, End Date, or Notify By Date

Looking at the example below, since we had deselected Rolling (A) from the Milestone Rule, when we selected Rolling on this Contract (B), we will have NO Reminders created on our 12/1/2023 Review Date (C)

If this Contract was switched to a Fixed or Recurring Contract however, then Milestones would begin to be created according to the rule. 

Sending Notifications if the Initial Notice Date has Passed 

If you enter a Contract that creates a Milestone, but the Initial Notice Date has already passed, the system will now remind you properly on the NEXT reminder date based on your rule.

Using the example above, if I entered this Contract on 12/14/2021 (1), per my Milestone Date of 2/28/2022 and 90 day Initial Reminder, I should have been notified Initially on 11/30/2021 (2)

However, since that Initial Date is in the past, I will instead receive my next Reminder based on my 30 Day Repeat (3), which means I will be notified on 12/30/2021 (4).

Replacing Milestones in a Contract Container when Terms are Updated

Finally, we have updated the way the system determines how and when to replace Milestones on an update to the Milestone Date.

Moving forward, any Milestones that have NOT had a Notification Sent (meaning the box is unchecked in the grid), will be replaced when the Milestone Date is updated, even if it has a Next Notification Date shown.

Using the example from above, if we updated this Contract from a 1-Year Duration to a 3-Year Duration, the system would see that the previously scheduled Milestone had not yet been sent, so when the Terms were updated, it removed that Milestone and replaced it with only the new date. This will help to avoid any potential confusion over multiple reminders being sent on Contracts with older dates.

Patch Fixes 

Library Template and Terms

All Template documents will now display the Terms of the selected Contract properly. Any changes will be saved and reflected in both the Container and the Document.

Initial Cycle

The Initial Cycle will now appear correctly on all Templates that include that placeholder.

Blank Contract Names on Templates

Spaces ONLY are no longer considered valid characters when naming a Contract. A name with values must be provided.