Through the new Message Center, UCM Support, and your Local UCM Administrators, can communicate important updates to UCM and any procedures from right within the system itself! You'll be alerted to new Messages just like all other items in the Notification Center, through the Red Dot over the Envelope, and then a red circle with a number in the Notification Center itself.

You can use the Show this message in popup in the top right corner to expand and see the entire message in a larger box, and If there are any Attachments to the Message, they will be at the bottom.

Clicking on the title bar of the Message collapses it and also Marks it as Read, which will remove the Red Envelope as well as the red counter in the tabs above. In the Title Bar, you will see the Subject of the Message (A), the Type of Message (B), and the Date and Time when the Message was sent (C).

Any Messages you see that are labeled Local Admin, means that the message came from an Internal Source and is only seen by you and other Users of your System. Any Messages that have a different Message Type, Release Notes, First Fridays, System Down Time, etc., have been sent from UCM Support.

Underneath the most recent five (5) Messages, you will see a link to take you to Previous Messages.

Clicking this link will take you to a grid of all messages sent to you from both UCM Support and your Local Admins. You will be able to click on either the Message Title or Message Type to bring up the full message. If there were any Attachments included with the message, you would also be able to click and download them right from this grid.

On this page as well, you have the ability to Mark all Messages as Read using the button in the top right corner. This will clear the red icon on both the five (5) most Recent Messages, as well as all previously unread messages.

You can return to the main Message Center view by clicking the Latest Messages link at the bottom.