In an effort to help give more context to what is happening with your Milestones, we have added a new column to both the Milestone Grid and the Notification Center of Milestone Status. This new column will be seen by default in the Notification Center, and will be a configurable column to add to your Milestone Grids inside a Container. 

You will also be able to report on these Statuses, which we hope makes it a little easier for you to find any sets of Milestones for certain Users or time frames.

Status Definitions 

  • Scheduled for FutureWhen the Notify Person On Date is in the future. Not yet "in-progress"
  • Initial Notification Sent - Initial Notification Email has been sent, but no other actions have been taken by the User or the System.
  • Reminder Notification SentIf no action is taken by the User, and a Reminder has been configured, this status will show for the duration of the Milestone (until the Milestone Date). 
  • Snoozed This status will only appear if the User assigned manually Snoozes the Milestone. This status will stay until either another Reminder is sent, in which case it will switch back to the above, or if a Final Notification is configured and sent, it will switch to the below. 
  • Final Notification SentIf there is a Final Notification Configured, this will be the final status applied until either the Milestone is completed, or the Milestone date itself passes
  • Past DueIf the Milestone date comes and goes, the Milestone will be marked as Past Due. Inside the Notification Center, the Milestone will also appear in bold red test to help it be seen. This will be a helpful Status for reports if you need to assist Users in cleaning up and completing old Milestones.
  • CompleteWhen the Milestone is fully Completed.