Canceled On Date on ALL Term Types

We have added the Canceled On Date to ALL Term Types, as well as updated some of this date's functionality in UCM.

The Canceled On Date is a date that should be used once you know the date the Contract will be CANCELED. This is NOT a place to put when Cancelation Notice needs to be given, that is what Notify By is for. 

The Canceled On Date CAN be set for the future though, if the date you plan to cancel the Contract has not yet been reached. 

Below are instructions and details for how the Canceled On Date affects the different Term Types, as well as an optional pop-up you and your Users may see, depending on system and security settings.

Where will this display, and how does it affect Rolling & Recurring Dates?

The Canceled On Date will appear at the bottom of all Term Types, including None. 

NOTE: In the future, we plan to have a "Term Admin" area where you will be able to toggle this, as well as other options, if you wish to not use it on certain Types, but for now it will appear on all Term Types.

Entering a Canceled On Date for Fixed or None will simply add a Canceled On badge to your list of dates (A), which will also be reportable of course.

Entering a Canceled On Date for Rolling or Recurring Term Type will also add the Canceled On badge, however when this date is added, it WILL affect the Review or Renewal Dates (B). The Review or Renewal date of the Contract will be set to the last Review/Renewal Date PRIOR to the entered Cancellation Date

This will also prevent any future auto-renewals from updating the Review/Renewal Date.

Below, we'll discuss how the Canceled On Date will affect your Milestones and Activities.

Completing outstanding Milestones & Activities

The following options will only show if certain Milestone Permissions are set on BOTH a Company and User level. 

More information about the setting those permissions can be found HERE.

Below is an example of a Fixed Contract with two scheduled Milestones for the future End Date.

If all Security and User settings detailed above are enabled, I will then receive a pop-up like the one below, asking me if I'd like to mark all incomplete Activities and Milestones as Complete. This is just like when you Archive a Contract currently.

If we select YES, then when the Canceled On Date is entered, it will mark those two Milestones as Complete. It will do the same to any and all outstanding Activities, however any Workflow Notifications that would be sent through updates of the Stage will still be sent out normally.

As detailed in the image below, if the Canceled On Date is Today's Date or prior, then no Milestones will be created AT ALL. 

In the section below, we detail how you could configure the system to still send a Notification on the Canceled On Date itself, if it is set for the future and you want a reminder to come in and Archive the Agreement.

Milestone Reminders for the Cancellation Date specifically

Unlike the example above, the Canceled On Date entered below is still a few months out. 

We know this Contract will be canceled, and we no longer wish to work with this vendor, but until our 5/31/2022 Canceled On Date, this Contract is still technically Active.

We configured a Milestone Rule to give us a 1-day reminder prior to our Canceled On Date, with no Reminders or Final Notice either, so we will still be reminded to come back in and Archive this agreement right when the date arrives.

Canceled On Date Milestones are the ONLY Milestone Rules that will continue to create and send automated reminders from a Contract with a Canceled On Date entered.

System Patches

Read-Only User Template Permissions

We updated the Read-Only User Permissions for Templates that allows for minor edits to be made to data by the User when they are using Templates. This is similar to how they are able to fill out a Contract and Field Data through a Template on Entry. They will still be limited by their normal Template permissions, as well as the "Upload Data" option on the Template itself.

If you have any questions or concerns about this permission change, please reach out to UCM Support.

Workflow & Review Completions from the Notification Center

We had previously had an issue where certain Notification Emails were not being sent when an item was completed from the Notification Center. We fixed these issues, and all system emails will now send as they should.