We have recently added in the function for any User to be granted the ability to Complete ALL associated Milestones for all Users on a give Contract and Date. Admins have always been able to do this, but now Full-Access and Read-Only can be given the ability as well.

This means that if you have four Users all assigned to one Milestone, then when any one of them complete the Review and come to a decision, if they have this permission enabled, they will be able to not only Complete the Milestone for themselves, but for the other three Users assigned as well. 

If there were other Milestones on the Contract for different dates, the User would not be completing those as well, simply the ones for the date the Milestone itself was for.

Enabling in System and Per User

In order to turn this option on for Users, you must first enable it in your System. Follow the steps below to do so, however please note, you must be a Primary Admin in order to enable this for your system. If you do not see the first 3 steps below in your system, but you are an Administrator, please reach out to UCM Support for assistance.

Head to Company Admin (1), Object Administration (2)then to Object Setup/Maintenance (3).

At the bottom of the page, you will see the option to enable Allow Completing All Milestones (4). After you enable, Update Object (5).

Once that is enabled from the system level, each User will have the Allow Completing ALL Milestones (6) in their Allow To permissions. This can also be set from the Manage Users grid by checking the boxes after you have added and located the correct column.

If you have any questions, concerns, or issues when enabling this permission, please reach out to UCM Support.