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In this month's First Friday Webinar we reviewed all of the new Enhancements to UCM over the past few months, as well as took a look at a few new items coming to the system over the next few weeks and months.

NEW Enhancements

  • Canceled On Date added to all Term Types
    • Read more specifics HERE
  • Read-Only Users & Templates
    • Similar to how a Read Only User can create a Contract using a Template, they will be able to update any Template Fields in a Contract on Renewals/Reviews
    • Contract Permissions and Allowed Templates all still apply

New UCM Document Editor

  • Replacement for AceOffix
  • Web Based, no plug-ins required
  • Planned Release on Saturday, May 7th 
  • Webinars for Admins & End-Users the week after release
    • Thursday, May 12th (Admin) | 2-3 PM EST
    • Friday, May 13th (End-User) | 2-3 PM EST 

Enabling the New UCM Document Editor

  • Have one member from your organization reach out to to let us know you would like to use the Online Editor instead of AceOffix
  • If you reach out prior to release, we will have the feature enabled for you by Monday April 18th (Monday May 9th)
  • Anyone that is currently going through initial implementation will have this discussed with them during their next training if not already discussed 

If you decided to continue using AceOffix

  • If you are currently using AceOffix, and would like to continue using it, then you need to take no actions. Nothing will change in your system.
  • If you continue using AceOffix however, you will not see the changes to Library Templates as an administrator, and will need to continue creating and editing those Templates offline
  • You will also not have the improved Document Attributes pop-up inside a Container when you close the document 

Permissions Around the New UCM Document Editor

  • All current User permissions surrounding how and what documents they are allowed to interact with will all remain
  • System settings such as forcing a new version to be created on edits will still be in effect
  • Read-Only Users will not be able to use Edit-In-Cloud per their Role title
  • Templates will still be usable by Read-Only, but in their limited way

Upgraded Features with the New UCM Document Editor

  • All creation and editing of Library Templates can be done from right within the system
  • Items added to your Template will be automatically added as fillable Fields during the entry process
  • Within a Container, you will receive a pop-up that allows for Document Attribute editing, including changing the file name itself