Setting up a Library Template using OnlyOffice is done using a combination of existing documents as well as in system editing to add Template placeholders. 

You can also begin a Template document completely from scratch using OnlyOffice, however we believe most Admins will begin by uploading an existing document, and then making in-system edits.


Set-Up Location

Library Templates are set up by going to:

Company Admin --> Contract Administration --> Contract Document Library Administration

Library Template Creation

Below is a detailed list and screenshot of all the options available to you when you create a Library Template inside of UCM.

  • (A) Item Name: Give your new Library Template a name. The Document name can be set each time the Library Template is used.
  • (B) Document Category: Since Library items do not need to be Templates, you can set a default Document Category for your Document. 
  • (C) Description: Optional description box that both Admins and End-Users can see
  • (D) Active: Having this box enabled will make it appear for all you users with access to the Library in your system. You can pre-load Library Templates into the system by leaving this box unchecked. 
  • (E) Create New File: Use this option to bring up OnlyOffice as a blank file. This allows you to create a Template item all the way from scratch.
  • (F) Upload From File: If you have a Template file already stored locally, you can upload the file here. You will be able to edit the file you upload from right within the system immediately after it is added.
  • (G) Edit Existing File: Once you have a file either Created and Saved, or when you have Uploaded a File, you can open the document up for editing. On this pop-out, you will be able to change the format and content of your Template, as well as add in any UCM Placeholders for fillable Term Fields. More information about editing a document is below.
  • (H) Use as a Library Template: If you leave this box unchecked, you won’t see any of the options below. The Library in UCM can also store documents that do not use Template features, so not all will use this feature. To create a Template though, check this box. 
  • (I) All Users able to Edit Preview: Having this checked allows your users to edit the Library Template file itself when making the document. Leaving it unchecked guarantees that Version 1.0 of all your Template files will match the document you have added above. Has no relationship to the data being entered into the Library Template from, or alongside, a Contract Container.  
  • (J) Default Settings: Per Template, you can select if you want to have a Document Uploaded to the Attachments Tab of your Contract Container (1), if you want the Data that is placed in the Template to be uploaded to the Summary Tab (2), and if you want to lock down these settings so they cannot be changed when the Template is being used (3). 
    • Note: Make sure to consider all the ways that this Template will be used when choosing these options. If you deselect Create Document, and then lock those settings, this Template would NOT be able to be used as a Boilerplate Document in the future to pull data out of a Containers Summary data to create a Document. 
  • (K) Associated Field Groups: You’ll want to select any Field Groups that are NOT a part of your intended Contract Type that have fields being included in your Library Template. Without selecting them, you’ll have free-floating fields.
  • (L) Entry Fields: When you add a UCM Template Placeholder to your Template Document using the Edit Existing File pop-out, any UCM Fields you add will be automatically added to the right side column (the items that will appear as fillable values on entry). You can use the tabs at the top of the pop-out labeled Terms & System Attributes to include system fields onto the “Copy Placeholders” list from the link to the right.
  • (M) Copy Placeholders: A list of the UCM Fields you have in your Template that appear under the Entry Fields pop-out. This list of Placeholders can be used to allow non-admins of the system to create UCM Template files offline using this list of UCM Formatted Placeholders. Any Term or System Attribute Fields you add from the Entry Fields tabs will show here as well.
  • (N) Save: As soon as you save, if Active is enabled, then your Library Template will be live for all Users who have permission.


Document Creation


To create a new Template using OnlyOffice, begin by using either (E) Create New File or (F) Upload From File from above. When you Upload a File for the first time, the document editor pop-up will appear automatically.

To edit an existing Template, simply use (G) Edit Existing File next to the file name.

Inside the pop-out editor from the Admin area, you will see a Template Placeholder (1) section to the left of your template document itself. This area contains all System Attribute placeholders (highlighted in Tan), Term placeholders (highlighted in Blue), and all your Custom Field placeholders (under the Terms and not highlighted).

The search bar (2) above the Placeholders allows you to quickly and easily find the Field you are looking for. HINT: Double clicking on a word in your document will automatically search the Placeholders for any Fields that may match

To enter a Placeholder into your Template document, simply click in the document where you want the Placeholder to go (3), and then select it from the list to the left (4).

Whenever you add a Placeholder to your Template this way, the Field will be automatically added to the (L) Entry Fields list from above. This means any items you add will be instantly ready for your Users to enter upon saving. You would only need to open the Entry Fields link if you wanted to add additional items for Contract Entry, but not be included on the Template itself. 

Any Word formatting from an uploaded document will persist, and the editor itself has many Word editing functions.