To see a full section-by-section breakdown of all the Admin features and set-up options OnlyOffice offers, click HERE.

In the Webinar recording below, we review the following items:

  • How to request OnlyOffice be enabled through UCM Support
    1. Simply contact UCM Support and request we enable OnlyOffice
    2. After doing so, we will let you know when it is set-up, as well as send along any additional relevant Knowledgebase articles

  • A few small items that are being worked on now and should be resolved by 5/20/22:
    1. Pop-out can currently be moved to “hide” the close and save X. Will be locked to the confines of the screen
    2. The “All Users Able to Edit Preview” permission is currently not being applied correctly
    3. All New Library Items will default to a Library Template instead of needing to select
    4. The Copy Fields to Clipboard link will be updated to fully copy. Can currently highlight and copy if truly needed
    5. Multi-Select values are displaying with an ^ symbol. Will be updated to “ | “ as it had been prior

  • Creating a Brand New Template from an existing Contract
    1. You can upload either a filled out and completed Contract, or one that previously used non-UCM placeholders
      • Starting from a blank page is also an option, but we see most using a document that has been used/created offline
    2. Use the Template Placeholder list on the let side to easily enter the UCM Placeholders where you need them 
      • Entered UCM Placeholders through this method will auto populate the Entry Fields list from below
      • Any Placeholders already entered in the document prior to Uploading will NOT appear in the Entry Fields unless selected again from the edit window, or manually from the Entry Fields
      • Double-clicking on a word in the uploaded document will search the Template Placeholder list to look for any matches
    3. The Edit Template option only comes up after you save the uploaded Template and go back in the first time
    4. Using the Copy Placeholders, you can still build all Entry Fields and give a list to a non-admin user to build offline

  • Existing Library Templates will have all options and setting persist
    • No updates to existing Library Templates should be needed
    • If you have previously used Classic Templates and want to switch to Library now that it no longer requires a plug-in, you can either download a copy of the Classic Template and upload it to a new Library Template, or copy & paste the text from the Classic set-up into the new Library blank editor
      • Note: You will need to update your Classic Template Placeholders to the style that works with Library Documents

  • Using your Library Templates through New Entry & Adding to an Existing Container
    • The process to adding a Library Template to a Container, or creating a New Contract Container using a Library Template is very similar to AceOffix's process
    • The biggest difference is Saving the document after clicking Preview/Save, which now just requires that you click the "X" in the top right corner of the pop-out window
    • Certain Save & Continue to Container icons will be grayed out for 5-10 seconds while the document is saved back to the system
    • Entire process is covered in more detail during the End-User OnlyOffice Webinar you can view HERE

  • Edit-In-Cloud link from inside a Container
    • Using the Edit-In-Cloud link from inside a Container is a very similar process to AceOffix's, again with the biggest difference being using the "X" in the top right corner to save and close
    • On Closing & Saving an OnlyOffice Document, a Document Details pop-up will appear that allows you to update many details about the document prior to saving it, including the File Name
      • This pop-up will be appearing in other areas of the system in the future, but for now, will only be when using OnlyOffice's Edit-In-Cloud
    • More details about many of the features OnlyOffice provides can be found in the End-User Webinar recording, HERE