For this Webinar, we walk through the End-User experience when using OnlyOffice's Edit-In-Cloud link, as well as entering a Library Template document to the system. 

If you are an Admin, and are looking for more set-up content, you can view our OnlyOffice | Admin Features & Set-Up Webinar HERE.

In the Webinar recording below, we review the following items:

  • How enter a New Contract using a Library Template & OnlyOffice Note: If you have used Library Templates before through AceOffix, this process will be the same all the way up to saving the Document itself
    • Use the Library Icon from either the Home Page or from the Contracts dropdown in the Enterprise Ribbon
    • Select your Template from the grid you see by using the Click To Fill Fields  link
    • Enter in the required information for a New Contract in UCM:
      • Contract Name
      • Contract Type
      • Owner (will be pre-filled in with the logged in Users' name)
      • Security Folder Location
      • Document Name (of the Template you are about to create
      • * Document Category & State (while not technically required, highly recommended as it will make reporting much easier later on)
    • After you enter the System Details, use the Terms Box to enter the Terms of the new Contract/Request (if known)
    • Underneath the Terms Box are all your custom Fields that will be entered into BOTH the Template Document & the Contract Container itself
      • Anything highlighted in Red is also a requirement, but will be different for every system as these are customized
    • Once all information has been entered, select the Preview/Save icon to bring up the OnlyOffice pop-out that has your Template Document with all the placeholder and Term values entered into the document
      • While not all, most documents will be locked down during this initial Preview step to prevent edits to the approved Template file. 
      • Edits to the placeholder values can be made by returning to the Entry Fields and updating the values, then selecting Preview/Save again
      • Edits to non-template placeholders will be editable from inside the Contract Container where a new document version will be created to preserve the original created here
    • After you have reviewed your Document through Preview/Save , simply select the "X" in the top right corner of the pop-out to Save & Close
    • Once you select the "X", the Continue to Container icon will be grayed out for 5-10 seconds while your Template Document saves to the system
      • Clicking this icon once available will take you to the Additional Upload page where you can include any supporting documents along with your Template before going into the Container itself

  • How enter a Library Template to an Existing Contract Container Note: If you have used Library Templates before through AceOffix, this process will be the same all the way up to saving the Document itself
    • The process to adding a Template item to an existing Contract is very similar to the above procedure, just with a different starting point and the possibility of data already being entered
    • You'll begin from a Contract Containers Attachment Tab, using the Library icon in the top left corner of the Attachment area (should be right below the Notes tab in most systems)
    • After selecting the Template using the Click To Fill Fields link, you can follow the above steps with the exception of not needing to fill out the Contract Name, Type, Owner, or Folder, since those are all pre-selected from the dropdown at the top of the page
    • When you fill out the Terms Box and Entry Fields, you may notice some, if not all, of the Fields are already filled in. The data you see here is extracted from the Contract you were just in
      • If you update any of the information here, and the Upload Data checkbox at the bottom is checked, any updates you make here will update in the Contract Container as well
    • Complete the steps like above, and once you have used the "X" to close out the OnlyOffice pop-out, you'll be able to Upload Document to Container after the 5-10 second save period

  • Using Edit-In-Cloud from inside a Contract Container
    1. Works with any Microsoft Word, Excel, or PowerPoint file types, but most commonly will be Word (.doc & .docx)
    2. Read-Only Users of UCM will NOT see this link. May be an option permission in the future
    3. Track Changes are on by default no edits are made without knowledge 
      • Saves selection choice per User, but other Users can re-enable Track changes on a document
      • Might have default settings for Track Changes in the future
    4. While not a 1-to-1 copy of Microsoft Word, there are many word-like features, and all that general Contract reviewing should need, such as:
      • Images & Tables
      • Headers, Footers, & Page Numbering
      • Paragraph & Spacing Options
      • Find & Replace
    5. Using the "X" in the top right corner of the editor SAVES & closes the Document

  • Document Attributes Pop-Out after Save
    • After using the "X" to close the editor pop-out, you'll see a Document Attributes pop-out for saving
    • Allows for you to rename the File itself, along with the Document Name, State, & Category in UCM
    • Version Number will automatically go up by .10, but can be adjusted to any number you'd prefer
    • Description and Primary Document Status can be adjusted
    • Any optional Document features like Dates, Values, or Key Documents will appear if enabled
    • The Save icon will be grayed out for 5-10 seconds as the document completes it's save to the system