Favorite Templates & Grouping

We have added the ability to tag UCM Templates (both Classic & Library) as Favorites, as well as the ability to Group your Template Grid information.

We hope this enhancement will make it easier for those that have multiple Templates, but want to be able to quickly ID and use the most common ones.

When you go to access your Library or Classic Template grid now, you will see the Favorite Heart (A) to the far left of your Grid. Some of these items may already be tagged as a Favorite for you (Admins have the ability to pre-tag certain Templates as Favorites in the Administration set-up grids), however you are able to customize your own Favorite items by simply clicking on the Heart Icon.

You also have the ability to see just your Favorite items (B) by checking the box above the Grid.

In addition to the Favorite tag, you can also group your Template Grid by any of the column headers (C), although this will most likely be used primarily with Favorites & Document Categories.

With these additions, we have also "reset" all Template grids to have the following items as the first six (6) columns visible:

  1. Favorite
  2. Fill and Download
  3. Library Item Name
  4. Description
  5. Document Category
  6. Original File Name

This does not mean you cannot still rearrange your Grid how you would like it, but we felt highlighting the most commonly used and needed items would help new Users begin using Templates.

OnlyOffice Updates

The issues that were discussed two weeks ago on our OnlyOffice Webinars have been addressed as well. 

You can no longer accidentally hide the Exit & Save "X" when either creating a Template or Editing in the Cloud, the box is locked to your current window size.

Also, the Admin set-up permission of "User able to Edit Preview" now works as it should, and makes it so the creation of the Template is in a Read-Only mode, which ensures version 1.0 of all Templates is the version you have added as Admins and not items have been removed. Users able to Edit-In-Cloud will still be able to edit documents as they normally would, but a new version will be created on the edits.

System Patches

Collaboration Document Selection

When using the Collaboration Session pop-out, switching between viewing All Documents, or just those of a specific Collaboration will no longer select all the documents when switching between Views.