As an Admin of UCM, you have a few options available to you with the New Direct Entry Process such as, defaulting to the New Entry Contract Attributes Page, setting the order that your Users follow when entering a Contract, as well as potentially making certain pages required before a Workflow Email is sent out.

Rearrange Order, Require Pages, & Hiding Pages on New Direct Entry Process

As a system Admin, you also have the ability to choose which order the different Entry Pages appear to your Users, as well as determine if you want to make certain pages mandatory to go to prior to submission.

Under the Contract Administration area of Company Administration, all the way at the bottom again, is Contract Entry Process Administration.

This area will allow you rearrange the order your Users enter a Contract (A), meaning you could have them Add Documents before creating Templates. Any changes you make here will affect ALL Users, and be a systemwide change.

NOTE: We recommend you keep Data Entry as the first page after Contract Attributes, since there will be future enhancements that will operate best with Data Entry being first, however you can change the order if you so choose.

You can also choose to make certain pages Mandatory by checking the box next to them (B).

By making a page Mandatory, you are just affecting which navigation icons appear below as the User is entering a Contract. With the requirements we have set in the image above, there would only be the option to move onto Template Creation from the Data Entry Page, and then on the Template Selection Page, you would have to select a Template and fill one out before being allowed to move onto the Document Upload Page, or the Contract Container.

By default, there will be no requirements set, and we also suggest you use these requirements only if you absolutely need to guarantee certain pages are ALWAYS interacted with. Your Users will still have the ability to go into the Container and add more Documents or Templates just like they always have after the Entry process is over.

You also have the ability to Hide any pages that you do not wish to have as part of your Entry process (C).

By default, all pages will be shown, but you can choose to remove any page from the Entry process you wish. When Users go to enter a Contract, the page simply will not be there.