Milestone Emails

All Milestone emails are sent from the system early in the morning on the Notice/Reminder date. Any Milestones that have an a reminder email sent are also accessible from the UCM Notification Center in the system, located in the top right corner of the screen above the Search bar.

  1. The Milestone Date is the trigger date that requires attention prior to actually reaching that date, often times being the date by which you must notify a secondary party to either Renew or Terminate. The Milestone Description/Instructions are simply the area that you local Admin explains/instructs what is to be done and outlines possible next steps.
  2. Days to Milestone Date informs you of how many days are between today and the Milestone Date.
  3. Clicking on the link will bring to the Container, where you'll be able to review the data and documents to make a determination prior to the upcoming Milestone Date. Instructions for Completing and Snoozing are below.

Milestone Grid in a Container

  1. The trigger date that requires attention prior to actually reaching that date 
  2. Initial notice tells you how many days from the Milestone date the first notice will be sent out.
  3. Notify Person On Date is simply the date of the Initial Notice.
  4. Next Notification Date is the date that the following notification will be sent out.

For more information on Milestone Statuses, click HERE.

How to Complete a Milestone

While every organizations procedures are a little different, when you Complete a Milestone, you are silencing all future notifications. This could be done after you have sent a Collaboration email to a Vendor and the back-and-forth is going to continue, or it could be once the entire Renewal/Termination discussion has been had and a determination was made.

You can bring up the Completion pop-up by clicking on the Complete checkbox from the Milestone Grid. You will then be able to complete the Milestone Assigned to you.

Depending on your permissions, you may also have the option to complete all Milestones for all Users assigned to the specific Milestone (E). 

Your Company may have the Milestone Completion Notes feature turned on, but not all do. If you do see this pop-up: This is simply an area to detail the completion of the Milestone. You'll possibly see options from a drop down, and if the selections there are not precise enough, or if you have no selections to choose from, you also have the option to simply write into the text box below.

How to Snooze a Milestone

Snoozing a Milestone allows you to add additional Reminders to your own Milestone in addition to the scheduled reminders from the system. This could useful in a time when you receive a Milestone Reminder on a busy work day, and you don't want to wait the full reminder cycle to receive another reminder, so you set an earlier reminder for yourself.

To snooze a Milestone, you simply select a date from the calendar, keeping in mind that this is only silencing the reminders for you until your selected date. Snoozing a Milestone is only permitted until the next scheduled reminder, which is why some days are grayed out on the calendar.