Here’s a new feature that will allow you, as Administrators, to set certain users as Non Single Sign-On (SSO) users whenever you need to.


Notes: Each Administrator will need set up the new column in the Manage Users grid so that it is visible and where they need it to be to see and use it.


Please do NOT uncheck the NonSSOUser checkbox next to the iContracts Training (iconadmin) user as this will make it impossible for Support to login when you need their assistance.


First, in Company Admin, go to the Manage Users grid.

  1. While pointing at any column heading, select the blue down-arrow to show the menu.
  2. Choose Columns from the menu.
  3. Check the last checkbox for NonSSOUser on (checked) so that the new column will display.

You’ve turned the column on, but you probably don’t see it!  That’s because it’s all the way to the right (the last column) in your Manage Users grid so scroll to the far right to see where it is, currently.


  1. Next, click on the column name (NonSSOUser) and drag that as far to the left as possible.  Use the scrollbar at the bottom of the grid to scroll to the left so you can continue to move this column to the far left (repeat as necessary).

  1. At last, NonSSOUser is the first column (though you can put it anywhere, convenient).
  2. Type is anything that will help you filter to the user’s record.
  3. Check the checkbox on that user’s name/info.

The user will now be excluded from Single Sign-On (SSO) and will be able to login using the iContracts Company Name, Username, and local password.

Of course, if there is a need to force a user to use SSO, in the future, you can do the inverse; simply uncheck the checkbox next to their information and they will be forced to login via SSO.