New Direct Entry Updates in other Areas of the System

Since the release of the New Direct Entry, we have begun moving updates we made for that process to other areas of the system. These include the Workflow Preview pop-out, easier Template Creation, and Document Uploading. More details are below.

Document Upload from a Container

One of the enhancements we were most excited for was improving the in-Container uploading of Documents, specifically multiple Documents.

We have consolidated the previous Single Document & Multi-Document Upload icons into just one, which will take you to a Document Upload screen like in the New Direct Entry.

This Upload page allows you to either drag and drop, or click to upload, a single or multiple documents with ease. When you add the Document to the drag & drop box, you'll receive a pop-up where you can enter the details of the Document, and this pop-up appears for all documents you have uploaded. This will make uploading multiple documents of different Categories and Sates much easier.

Workflow Preview Pop-Out

We have replaced the old Workflow display box that only showed the Stages and no Assignees with the Preview Workflow link in all areas of the system where the old preview displayed. These areas include:

  • Legacy Direct Entry
  • Classic & Library Template Container Creation
  • Workflow Override in a Container (Pictured below)
  • Modify Workflow
  • Contract Type Admin Creation/Edit 

We hope the addition of this preview helps you make more informed decisions about your Workflows when you are applying them by being able to see all assignees and the Workflow completely laid out.

Classic & Library Template Creation

We've simplified the Template creation process for both types of Templates. These changes do not affect how the Template is created, just makes it easier for Users to follow the steps they must take and harder to get "stuck" and unsure of where to go next.

Library Templates

For the Library Templates, the process of adding one to the system has not changed much, we just changed the naming and display look of the icons to be a bit more noticeable. 

You simply need to click the Enter Fields Into Template & Preview (1) to bring up either OnlyOffice of AceOffix, which you'll then close out, and select Upload & Continue to Container (2), which will bring you back to the Attachments Tab with you Template document there.

Classic Templates

Classic Templates had a bit more updated to it's process, but all updates, similar to the Library, are really just making the options you need to select more noticeable and easier to follow.

Like with the Library Templates, you'll start by clicking the Enter Fields Into Template & Preview (1) which will enter your data into the preview box below. Then, once you select Update Contract Container (2), you are given a pop-up to decide which file type you wish to create, either Word or PDF (3). Once you've chosen your file type, you are taken right back into the Container with your Template document there.