The User Access Report feature allows Admins a quick and easy way to check User's Folder Permissions. You can find this feature by navigating to Company Admin>Manage Users, then choose a User whose Folder Permissions you'd like to check. From there, simply click on the "User Access Report" button to see their Folder Permissions. 

Once you are in the User's Profile, you can click on their (1) Folder Permissions, and set them how you'd like (2), while you have the User Access Report up at the same time. This way, you can see how their permissions are set as you go, eliminating the need to click into each and every folder. Additionally, you have the option to Search (3) for Folders in the User Access Report, saving you time in scenarios where you don't want to dig through multiple layers of Folders. Keep in mind that as you make changes to Folder Permissions, you'll need to hit the refresh button (4) on the User Access Report to see updates. 

An additional way to Access the User Access Report, that is available to your End-Users, is through 'My Profile' (A). Once they're there, they'd click on User Access Report (B) to see what folders they have access to currently. This way, a User can check to make sure they have access to what they need to see, and then ask an Admin to give them access when necessary.