Custom Field Data in the Terms Box on Contract Entry

When using the New Direct Entry process, if you have Custom Fields in your Terms box, and those same Fields are in Field Groups as well, you may receive a pop-up about Mismatched Values. This pop-up will only appear under the conditions of a single Field being on the screen multiple times, with different values (including blank), in the individual Field occurrences.


On this pop-up, you can see the name of the Field in question, as well as where the Field shows up, and what the value in each is currently set to. For any Multi-Line Fields, you can compare both texts with one click.


Once you have the correct selections for all your Values, you can choose Update (A) and the selected values will be entered into all occurrences of that Field

If you are unsure of any of the Fields and want to review the data again from the Field Group itself, you can choose to exit (B) before attempting the save again.


If the values of your Fields are identical in all entry points, this pop-up will not appear, and your data will be added to the system as normal.

Editing Custom Field Data in the Terms Box

With the addition of custom Fields being available in the Terms Box, there is a slight change to how data is saved to a Container, but only under certain conditions.

If you have Field Groups open, and you edit the Terms Box as well, you will be asked to first save your Field Groups, then save the edits to the Terms Box. This is to ensure all data is saved accurately and correctly. 

Once all areas have been saved, all data in duplicate Fields will be reconciled and matching.