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In this month's First Friday Webinar we took a look ahead to 2023, and discussed both enhancements coming in the next few weeks, as well as a look ahead to 2023's Major Projects

New Enhancements

  • OnlyOffice Track Changes & Reviews now show the Full Name of the User, not just the Username
  • Any User who gets added to a Workflow Stage, from in a Container, will now receive an email notification immediately
  • .Zip Files can be added to a Contract Container and have their contents extracted locally once downloaded from the system

Upcoming Enhancements

These enhancements are all anticipated to be released before the end of January 2023, with specific articles and release note updates as they come out:

  • Adding Document Folder & Versioning to Document Upload pop-up
  • Primary Document will no longer be auto-selected when uploading supporting documents
  • Read-Only Users, as well as any Full-Access or Admins, will be able to initiate a Contract Entry through the Templates grid, but then be taken through the New Direct Entry. This will be an optional feature for at least the next few months until the permeant switchover to New Entry is announced.
  • Easier reporting & removal of any Contracts in the "draft" status using New Direct Entry
  • Admin Control and Hide ability for New Direct Entry Process
  • Adding Configured Fields & Approver Scorecards to Workflow Notification Emails
  • eSignature Envelope Reset icon for Admins inside a Contract Container

2023 Road Map

The following enhancements are all major projects that will be rolled out in phases over the next year. We will update everyone on progress and release schedules through First Friday's during the year.

  • Document Sets
    • Easier to group, require, and track supporting documents
    • More reporting and tracking data field options
    • Consolidate the need for Related Contracts, and make Documents more like "mini-containers"
  • Workflow Updates
    • Break apart Workflow and Container Status into two completely independent items
    • Allow for multiple Workflows on a Container
    • Concurrent Stages in a single Workflow
    • Adding/Removing Stages on the fly from a Container
    • Additional automations based on Field data and Dates
  • Advanced Document Workflow $
    • Premium add-on with additional fees involved
    • Able to handle more complex, business process type Workflows with decision trees and process questions along the way
    • Able to be applied to individual documents or sets of documents, not just the overall Contract Container
  • Internal iContracts eSign $
    • Premium add-on with additional fees involved
    • Core functionality of Recipients, Signing Order, Reminders, & Custom Signatures
    • Will allow for more automations in the future to tie directly into UCM, not just a standalone like the other eSign options
    • See this being a great way to help keep costs down on internal signatures before sending out to external Vendors with a more widely known and accepted eSign platform