We have now added the ability for a UCM system Admin to reset an eSignature Envelope on a Contract Container from right within the system.

These icons will ONLY appear when a Document has been fully signed and the Download icon is also showing.

The use case for this would be if you find that the signatures you got on a document were either incorrect, or missing people that should have been on originally, and you want to resend the Document, or maybe even a new set of document, without downloading the currently signed version that is incorrect and not needed.

When you click the Reset icon, you'll receive the following pop-up warning message:

As it states, this will Reset the container Envelope and allow you to send out a new set of documents without downloading the completed items.

If this is ever clicked in error, and you did want to bring that signed document into the Container, you can still either download the document from DocuSign/AdobeSign locally, or even just drag & drop straight from the email, into the Document Uploader and manually add it to the Container. 

Who can Reset an Envelope?

By default ONLY UCM ADMINISTRATORS will be allowed to Reset a Containers envelope.  This means you do NOT need to be the one who originally sent out the Envelope, just simply a UCM Admin.

We can however configure your system so that the Reset icon shows for BOTH UCM Admins & The Original Sender (regardless of User Typewill be allowed to Reset to envelope. If you would prefer your system be configured that way, please reach out to us in UCM Support to request and we will enable for you.