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In this month's First Friday Webinar we took a look at some recent Enhancements  that have gone into the system, one that will be coming out very soon, and a some updates to the New Direct Entry as well as the permanent switchover timeline.

New Enhancements

  • Document Pop-Up Improvements
    • Added Versioning option, as well as Auto-Versioning if File Name matches exactly
    • Can assign to a Document Folder, if using that feature
    • Primary Document no longer defaulting to checked on Container Uploads
      • Still remains checked on first document of New Contract Entry
  • Improved Multi-Select for Admin Configuration Areas
    • Updated the following multi-select pop-ups with a Search Bar & Filtering:
      • Library Templates
      • Milestone Configured Fields
      • Field Groups
      • Workflow Configured Fields

Upcoming Enhancements

  • Improved Workflow Notification Options
    • Ability to add Configured Fields to entire Workflow or just specific Stages
      • Configured from the Workflow Notes area
    • Include the previous Stage Approval Scorecard & Notes with the initial Workflow Reminder
      • Will only apply when the previous Stage is an Approval
      • Will be enabled by default for all existing Workflows
      • Can be disabled from the Workflow Configuration grid per Stage, as well as an entire Workflow
  • Managing Individual Users with Role Model Permissions
    • Any permissions affected by an applied Role Model will accurately display in a User’s Profile
    • If a User needs slight modifications from the overall Role Model, you will be able to copy the Role Model permissions to the User and begin making adjustments, all from the User’s Profile page

Direct Entry Updates & Permanent Changeover Timeline

  • Currently looking at Monday, May 1st as the changeover date
    • With this change, ALL systems will begin using the New Direct Entry method and the “Return to Legacy” icon will be removed
    • To help ease systems not using it yet, we will do a switchover to the New Entry being the default for all systems on Monday, April 3rd, giving Admins a chance to adjust Users to the new Entry by keeping the "Return to Legacy" icon for a month
    • We will send out an email in mid-March with official dates and timeframes, along with helpful Knowledgebase articles you can send to your Users to get them prepared
  • Admin Control & User Permission Updates
    • Admins can now Hide pages on Entry if they are not a step you want
      • Ex: Remove the Template Pages to only have Data & Documents if you do not regularly use Templates
      • Can also set it so only the Documents Page appears, making it very similar to the Legacy Entry, and all Data will be entered only from the Contract Container
  • Any individual Users who do not have access to any Templates, will not see the Template Creation page, even if left on from the Admin set-up
  • Read-Only Users will be able to Use New Direct Entry
  • We will be updating the way a Contract Entry initiated from a Template is entered
  • Once a User, Read-Only or any other type, selects the “Click to Fill Fields” from the Template or Library grid, they will be redirected to the Contract Attributes Page 1 of the New Entry
  • The Template they selected to be filled out will be saved for them, and chosen automatically when they reach the Template Creation page of Entry
  • Read-Only Users in systems without Templates will continue to have no Entry abilities