With the introduction of the New Direct Entry method, we have updated the Contract Creation from a Template (Classic or Library) to either automatically redirect to the New Direct Entry if that is set as the system Default, or to give an option to switch to the New Entry method if not set as the system Default.

While this update affects all User Types and Users that can access Templates, the primary purpose of this update is to now allow Read-Only Users who cannot enter a Contract through Direct Entry, but can enter through a Template, to begin using the New Entry wizard.

The way this update will work, is when a User initiates a Contract Entry from the Template Click to Fill Fields link (2), the User will now be directed to the First Page of the New Entry where they'll be asked for Contract Attributes like Name, Type, etc.

Once the User has entered all the Contract Attributes, they will continue onto the next page of Entry, which may vary depending on system set-up.

Note: If your system is NOT set to the New Direct Entry as default, your Users will be taken to the same page they have always been, but there will be a link that allows them to navigate over to the New Entry still (A).

Since not all systems have the same Entry Order, your pages may be slightly different, but with the order in our example of:

Page 1 - Contract Attributes

Page 2 - Data Entry

Page 3 - Template Selection

Page 4 - Template Creation

Page 5 - Document Upload

The User will skip over Page 3 - Template Selection since they initiated the process from that page already. 

They will go straight from Data Entry Entry (3) to the Template Creation (4), without needing to re-select the one they initiated with.

Once the original Template has been created, your User can still go back to the Selection Grid and pick a 2nd Template if needed, but the initial Template that kicked off the process will not need to be selected again.

For full instructions of what is required for each page of Entry, please view the full step-by-step entry guide HERE.