With the recent updates to Admin options for New Direct Entry, as well as the upcoming permanent switchover in all systems coming in May of 2023, below are some suggestions for how to configure your Contract Entry Process options to achieve the Entry Process your organization needs.

You can access this configuration screen at the bottom of the Company Admin -->Contracts Administration page.

Please note, any updates you make here will affect your entire system. There is not currently any per-User and/or Contract Type options, however any Users without Template access will never see the Template Selection page, since they do not have access rights.

"Free Entry" with no Limitations

This set-up is best for organizations that have Users who know what is required for entry, or if there are many different types of Contracts that will be entered requiring flexibility.

With this set-up, your Users will be able to move onto whichever page, including directly to the Container, they would like after entering the Contract Attributes. The "standard" order of entry is Data, Templates, Documents, but you do not need to keep them in this order. The "Free Entry" aspect of this set-up comes from none of the Only Allow checkboxes being marked.

As soon as your User gets to Data Entry, and they enter any required Fields you may have, they will be able to go to Templates, Document Upload, or even directly to the Container.

Data & Documents Always Required with the Occasional Template

This set-up is best for organizations that always want Documents with their Contract Entries, but only use Templates on certain Contracts, and it's not an integral part of your Entry Process. 

By checking the Only Allow Advance to Next Page for the Data Entry Page, your Users will only be able to go to the Document Upload Page after they have entered their Data. 

From the Document Upload Page, they'll be able to go to either the Template Selection to create one if needed, or go directly to the Container, skipping the Template Pages altogether.

No Templates used for Contract Entry

This set-up is very similar to the one above, where Users will always go to the Contract Attributes, Data, & Document Pages, but if you are an organization that NEVER uses Templates as part of your Entry Process, then you can uncheck the Display Page on Entry for the Template Selection & Creation Page.

When your Users get to the Document Upload Page, they will only have the ability to go forward to the Container (where Templates can still be added later if needed), or back to Data Entry if they need to update anything before submitting. Both Template pages will be hidden for all Users.

Templates are how ALL new Contracts are Entered

This set-up is best for organizations that heavily uses Temples as a part of your Contract Entry Process. You could have the Documents & Data pages in any order after, as well as any Only Allowed options, but putting the Template Selection & Creation page first is the main difference with this set-up.

By placing the Template Selection page first, your Users will engage with the Template Entry closer to how they've been used to, and then they'll get to upload any Additional Documents and Data on the subsequent Pages.

Most Similar to the Original Legacy Direct Entry

This set-up is best for organizations that do not want to use the New Direct Entry to enter your Templates or Data, and would prefer they be done from the Container still. 

Please note, while you are free to select this option, there are future enhancements planned for UCM that will use functionality located only on the Data Entry & Template Creation pages of Entry.By placing the Document Upload first, and hiding the other two pages, your Users will only be asked to enter the Contract Attributes on the first page, then given a chance to Upload any documents (single or multiple) on the next page, before continuing to the Container to enter all Data and create any Templates.

Aside from being split into two pages instead of one, and having the ability to upload multiple Documents instead of just the one, this is exactly the same as the Legacy Direct Entry.

If you have any other scenarios not listed here that you would like assistance with configuring, please reach out to UCM Support.