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In this month's First Friday Webinar we took a look at some recent Enhancements to User Permissions and Templates, as well as review the New Direct Entry as the primary way of entering Contracts and some suggested Admin settings depending on how your organization enters Contracts.

New Enhancements

  • Easier Role Model Permission Copy
    • Folder & Contract Type/Workflow/Template Permissions now reflect accurately when a Role Model is Applied
    • Added a Copy Permissions icon on the User Summary and Folder Permission Tabs
    • Role Models can now be used as a true Permission Template for any new Users, and when minor changes are needed, you can easily do so
  • Terms Box Template Data Options
    • You can now select or deselect the Terms Box from updating the Contract Container data when creating a Template
    • Allows for the next years’ Contract to be created with the correct dates, without needing to update the Container again back to the current Dates
    • Tied to the Admin Settings of the Template just like the Custom Fields
  • "In Progress" Locked Contract Containers
    • While a Contract is going through New Direct Entry, the Container will be locked down as Read-Only
    • The Created By User, Owner (usually the same as the Created By), and any system Admins can see these Contracts as well as Resume Contract Entry to complete the Contract and unlock it
    • You can run a report using Currently In Draft State to see all Contracts still being entered

New Direct Entry System Changes