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In this month's First Friday Webinar we took an overview look at Milestones from the End-User perspective, some tips and suggestions for setting up New Users who will be replacing an older User, and then took an early look into Required Document Sets. 


  • Critical Date Reminders, usually based off the Terms of the Contract, but can be for any other critical dates for your Organization
  • Milestones are Created anytime there is an update to the Date Field the Milestone is based on
  • Once the Initial Reminder is sent out, emails will continue to send until either a Final Notification is sent (if configured), and if not, then the Milestones will continue to send until completed
  • Milestones that have had their Initial Reminder sent are also never automatically deleted by the system
  • Completion of a Milestone is more of an internal decision on exactly when it is done, however most organizations Complete Milestones once all work surrounding the Milestone is completed, even if the date is technically past, but items are still in the works
  • By default, Users can only Complete Milestones for themselves, however if given the permission, they can complete Milestones for other Users, but only on Contracts and Dates they are also a part of
  • Administrators are the only User who can complete Milestones completely on behalf of other Users without also being tied to the Milestone
  • While you can run reports with more Container Details from the Contract Tab, if you are interested in seeing how many notifications a specific User has, you can run Milestone View instead
  • Using the Responsible Party, Milestone Completion Date, & Milestone Status criteria, you can run many real time, and future looking User reports for your Milestones

New User Replacement

  • Using the Copy Config area of Manage User when setting up a new User, both permissions a default system grids
  • Running reports on Responsible Parties (or other Custom Fields) to replace Old Users with new Users

Required Document Set Updates

  • Aiming for a July/August Release
  • This release will include:
    • Setting up Sets of Document Types that are needed for your different Contract Types
    • Replacing the Yes/No/NA dropdowns are Upload boxes during Entry where the actual uploading of the document flags it as added
    • Any missing documents will be easily reportable, as well as identifiable inside a Containers Document Tab