Release notes for UCM V3.7.1 on 7/21/23

UCM Version Number

We are adding the current UCM Version number to the My Profile area of the system.

This version number will be tied to all future release notes, and allow you to keep better track of any system updates you might have missed.

This number will be updated with each new release of an enhancement or bug fixes.

Numeric Field Updates

All Numeric Fields in UCM will now allow Commas on data entry. This will improve entry, especially when copying and pasting from another source that containers commas already in the numerical value.
No changes were made to how the data displays or is reported on, just making it easier for entry.

Bug Fixes

  • Improved search results for Attachment Text to give more context to the Container the document is in
  • Fixed an issue on New Direct Entry when using the Vendor Database that was causing lock-ups