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In this month's First Friday Webinar we took an overview look at Milestones from the End-User perspective, some tips and suggestions for setting up New Users who will be replacing an older User, and then took an early look into Required Document Sets. 

Recent Updates

  • Link to Release Notes HERE
  • Ability to have commas in your Numerical Field entries
  • Official UCM Version counting and related KB Articles

Required Document Sets

Release Timeframe

  • Will be released on either Saturday 8/19 or 8/26
    • System will need to be taken down for a few hours
    • We will send out an email and in-system notification about the exact downtime as soon as we know


  • Configured based on Contract Type
  • Set by Admins only, no in-container or ad-hoc Document sets
  • Uses your existing Document Categories as the selectable values
  • Multiple Required Level (details on how they affect Entry below)
    • Required
    • Requested
    • Optional

On Contract Entry

  • Required
    • On New Contracts, Users will not be able to Continue to the Container unless a document has been added of that Required Category
  • Requested
    • Users will get a pop-up telling them the Document has not been uploaded, but they will be able to continue
  • Optional
    • Simply adds a Document Upload box to help guide Users to add helpful Documents that are not ever truly needed for a Contract

In a Container

  • The Primary Document area above the Documents Grid will be replaced with Tiles for each of the Required Documents
    • If no Doc Set is in use, then the Primary Document will simply display in the Document Tile format now
  • If any Required or Requested Documents are missing, the counter on the Container Tab will show as Red
  • Any missing Documents will be clearly seen under the tab as well with there being a blank tile above the Grid
    • Any missing Required or Requested Documents will have Tiles on the In-Container Document Upload to help guide Users on what is still missing
  • If a document is removed from the system, and there are no other Documents of that category, then the Tile will begin showing as empty again


  • Document Set reporting is done from the Contracts Tab, NOT the Attachments Tab
  • The reports are meant to find any Contracts that are MISSING required Documents
  • You can report both on specific Document Sets to see any Types that are missing, as well as specifically report based on a particular Required Document Category
  • There are two View Criteria:
    • Missing Document Set Category – For specific Document Categories
    • Missing Document Set Items – For all Contracts with any missing Documents as part of a specific Document Set
  • There is just one Grid Header for displaying the results:
    • Missing Document Set Items - The results will show both the Document Set Name, as well as any missing Document Categories, with style differences between Required & Requested