Document Sets are a way for you to make Required, Requested, or Optional Document Tiles appear on Contract Entry, and in a Contract Container, based on Document Categories.

The purpose of these Document Sets are to help ensure that all Documents Required, either by internal, government, or other regulator bodies, are uploaded to all your Contracts.

Document Sets are also completely optional, and must be configured similar to a Field Group if you want them in use in your system.

Admin Location & Configuration Grid

To access Document Set Administration, you would go to Company Admin --> Contracts Administration --> Document Set Administration.

The Administration Grid you'll see is fairly standard for UCM, with Clickable Names (A) to access existing Sets, the ability to Copy (B) an existing Set and edit further, Information about what is included the Set itself (C), and the ability to create New Sets (D).

A newer icon is also here though, a link that takes you right over to Document Categories (E), which are the items you select for each Set. This will make it easy for you to jump over to the Document Category Admin area if you need to update anything while working with Document Sets.

Document Set Configuration

When you access a Document Set, or go to create a new one, you'll have the following options available:

  1. Name - Name of the Document Set that will appear on Reports and Admin Configurations
  2. Active - Checked by default, but can be unmarked to prepare Sets, but not roll out just yet
  3. Document Category - The Document Category, coming directly from your pre-existing list, that will be connected with this Set. 
    • (A) Document Category Selector dropdown, that can be typed and filtered through, and will update as Categories are selected, since a Set can only have a Category appear once.
    • (B) The Green Plus specifically allows you to add a New Document Category to UCM, right from the Doc Set Page. This will help if you go to create a Set and realize you do not have that Document Category created yet. Now you don't need to worry about leaving this page, you can simply create it here, and it will be added to the bottom of your existing Document Categories.
  4. Required -Ability to choose either Required, Requested, or Optional for the specific Category.
    • Required - If a Document Category is flagged as Required, then a User will NOT be able to Submit a Contract through Entry without uploading a Document to that Category. We suggest Required only be used on Documents that your Users will always have, or are absolutely necessary to begin any initial Workflow Stages. Will appear on Missing Item Reports.
    • Requested - If a Document Category is flagged as Requested, then a User will be given a warning message that a Document of that Category has been requested, however the User can proceed without uploading. We suggest Requested be used on Documents that are critical to your process, and may even be Required by the time the Contract becomes Active, but are not always available on Initial Entry, and will be uploaded along the Workflow Process. Will appear on Missing Items Report.
    • Optional - If a Document Category is flagged as Optional, then a Tile will appear on both Upload and in a Container, however there will be no pop-up if nothing is uploaded, and any missing Optional items will NOT appear on the Missing Items Report. We suggest Optional be used as a helpful Guide for your Users for any "nice to have" documents, that are not required for any audits or Workflow Approvals, but might help expedite those if available.
  5. Assign to Contract Types - Document Sets are applied to a Contract based on Contract Type, and to make this an easier application for systems with many Types, you can assign Doc Sets to multiple Types at once.
    • NOTE:  There is no Ad-Hoc way to add a Doc Set to a Container. All is driven by Contract Type application, but Logic Based requirements are on the road-map
    • NOTE: Each Contract Type can only have ONE Doc Set at a time. If you apply a Doc Set to a Type that already has one, you will receive a pop-up message letting you know what Doc Set is currently applied, and allow you to either cancel, or override the existing Set with your New one.

To see how these Document Sets look on ENTRY, click HERE.

To see how these Document Sets look in a CONTAINER, click HERE.

To see how to REPORT on Missing Items in a Doc Set, click HERE.