When a Document Set is applied to a Contract Type, all NEW Contract Entries using that Type will now have Document Set Tiles appear on the Document Upload Page of Entry.

These Tiles will relate to the Categories (A) and Required Status (B) your Admins configured from the Administrative Area of the system.

To Upload a Document to a Document Set Tile, you can either:

  • Click directly on a Tile (1), which will open a File Explorer pop-out for you to select a single document from, and then auto assign the Document Category
  • Alternatively, you can use the Drag & Drop box (2), which will allow you to freely choose the Category of each document brought over, and will appropriately match up the Document with the right Category Tile

If you attempt to navigate forward from this page, usually to the Container, and you have NOT uploaded a Required or Requested Document, you will receive the pop-ups below. 

Just like with Field Data, anything that is Required must be uploaded to proceed, while anything Requested will be given the option to proceed without uploading.

Anything that is flagged as Optional will not bring up any warning messages, and these are simply here to suggest that if you have that Document for this Contract, it would be helpful to have uploaded.

Once your Documents have been uploaded, you will see the Tiles fill in with the details you added, and so long as all Required Documents have been uploaded, you'll be able to Continue to the next part of the Upload process.

Any Requested Doc Tiles that were left blank on the Upload page will remain empty in the Container, and still show on the in-Container Document Upload Page. They will also appear in any Missing Doc Set Reports.

Any Optional Doc Tiles left blank will still show as blank under the Attachments Tab of a Container, but they will NOT continue to appear on the in-Container Document Upload Page, OR on any Missing Doc Set Reports.

To see how these Document Sets look in a CONTAINER, click HERE.

To see how to REPORT on Missing Items in a Doc Set, click HERE.