When a Document Set is applied to a Contract Type, it will adjust the way the Attachments Tab looks by highlighting the Document Tiles that are a part of the Document Set.

Any Tiles that are missing items will also continue to show as blank, and if there are any missing Requested or Required Documents, the counter next to the Attachments Tab will appear as RED (A)

NOTE: Even though Required Documents are needed to Submit a NEW Contract, when Doc Sets are first created and applied in an existing system, there is a good chance not all Containers with the New Doc Set will have all the Required Documents.

Inside of each Document Tile are the following elements:

  • (B) Document Name
  • (C) Default Document Attributes like Category, State, File Name (which will be clickable in a future update), Description, Version Number
  • (D) Optional Document Attributes such as Effective/Expiration Date, Document Value, & Key Docs will display their information, as well as applicable Check Boxes if enabled
  • (E) Document Functions in order from left to right:
    • Edit - Update the Meta Details of the Document
    • Clone - Copy all the Meta Details of the current Document, but upload a newer copy from your local drive
    • Remove - Remove the Document from the Document Tile, NOT deleting it from the System. That is still done from the Grid Below
  • (F) Empty Document Tile Required Status & Category
  • (G) Quick Link that directs to the in-Container Upload Page

When you go to Upload a Document to a Container with any missing Document Set items, whether that be by clicking on the Tile itself, or using the standard Document Upload icon, you will see all missing Required & Requested Tiles to help guide you on what should be uploaded at this time.

If you click on the empty tile (1) a File Explorer pop-up will appear where you can choose the Document from your local device, and then the Document Category on the upload pop-up will be preselected for you.

You can also just drag the Document, or even a group of Documents, into the standard Uploader (2), and as long as you select the Missing Doc Set Category as the Category for one of the documents you are uploading, it will be assigned automatically. 

This will fill in the Tile on the Attachments Tab, as well as update the counter (A) back to BLUE, assuming all Required & Requested Documents have been added.

To see how these Document Sets look on ENTRY, click HERE.

To see how to REPORT on Missing Items in a Doc Set, click HERE.