With the release of Document Sets, which are an improved way to help guide, and even require, your Users to upload certain Documents to a Contract, we have included a way to quickly report on any Contract Containers that may be missing Documents from the applied Document Set.

On these reports, we will display any Required or Requested Document Categories that are missing from the Set applied to the Container.

Optional Documents do NOT appear on these reports to help keep them focused solely on the Documents that are truly needed.

NOTE: Document Set Reporting is meant to find the MISSING items on a Contract, not get a list or backup of all currently Uploaded Documents. That type of report would be run from the Attachments Tab in the Enterprise Ribbon, allowing you to filter and sort through ALL the Documents uploaded to ALL Contracts.

View Criteria

When reporting on Document Sets, there are two Criteria options you can use:

  • Missing Document Set Items - Allows you to select an overall Document Set, and if that is the only Criteria used, will display any Container that has at least one missing Required or Requested Document Missing. If this is used in combination with the below Criteria for specific Categories, then the results will be limited to only the Doc Sets you've selected here, not all Doc Sets.
  • Missing Document Set Category- Allows you to choose a specific Category that is being used in at least one Doc Set, and find all instances where that specific Document is missing, regardless of what Doc Set it is in.

Grid Headers & Results

Whether you are using the above Criteria for your View, or you are running a different View, but want to see if any of the Contracts returned have missing Doc Set items, you can include the below Headers on your View Grids:

  • Missing Document Set Items: Will display the name of the Doc Set first, then in parenthesis, list out the specific Required or Requested Documents missing. Required Documents will be formatted in Red Italics, and Requested Documents will display in Orange.
  • Missing Document Set Items - Required: Will ONLY Display missing Required Items
  • Missing Document Set Items - Requested: Will ONLY Display missing Requested Items
    • These final two headers are to make reporting a bit easier if you ever needed to know only specific missing Items. Generally we see the first Missing Document Set Items header being used the majority of the time.

To see how these Document Sets look on ENTRY, click HERE.

To see how these Document Sets look in a CONTAINER, click HERE.