System Wide Update to Existing Documents when a Document Set is Applied

When a Document Set is applied to a Contract Type that already has many Containers in the system, the Doc Set will be added automatically to all Containers.

However, the Tiles themselves under the Attachments Tab will show as empty (A), despite there being the Documents in the grid below (B), the Container Attachment Tab showing the correct color (C), and the Missing Items Report showing as no items missing.

In order to fill in the Tiles with the Documents from the grid below, all you need to do is edit any Document and Save. You do not even need to actually make any updates, or even edit one of the Documents in the Set, simply resaving and existing Document links the files in the grid to the Tiles. This would also happen if you uploaded a new Document to the Container, again, regardless of if that new Doc is part of a Set or not.

This will be updated in the coming months by having the system perform a check on all Grids when the Document Set is applied to properly make the Grid/Tile link.

Easier Updating/Replacing of Document Set Tile Items

Currently, the Document that displays in a Document Set Tile is the Document that has BOTH:

  • The correct Document Category
  • The HIGHEST Version Number

This means that when renewals or amendment changes occur that would require a new Document be applied to the Tile, you have to make the new Document you are adding a part of the older Document's Version chain, ensuring the new Document has a higher number than the previous.

To help make this both an easier process, as well as not force Versioning if not required, we are planning on making the following two updates:

  • Update the existing Clone function from the Tile to be a Replace, which will keep all the metadata about the Document in tact, allow you to upload a New File, and then have it automatically take the place of the original Document in the Tile.
  • Add an "Update Doc Set Tile" checkbox on In-Container uploads and Document Editing that will act similar to "Make this the Primary Document"