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In this month's First Friday Webinar we reviewed the changes coming to First Friday Webinars in 2024, and how the content and focus will be shifting to a more Training Webinar, and how Enhancement Releases will have their own ad-hoc Webinars when needed.

Recent Updates

  • eSignature Upload Issues
    • Increased maximum file size to the new standard of 25MB (up from 20MB)
    • Fixed an issue where Apostrophes ‘ were preventing upload to eSignature
  • Collaboration Messages & DocumentsReleasing next week
    • Issue where Collaboration Messages are getting condensed into one single paragraph on responses
    • Documents sent with commas are making odd links on the Collaboration Tab
  • Document Category ResortingReleasing next week

2024 First Friday Schedule

  • Will be re-working First Friday’s to be more of a training/best practices Webinar
  • Will be a combination of End-User Usage, as well as training on the Administration tools used to make any changes, and how that will affect the End-User experience
  • Each Webinar will still begin with any new Enhancements released between sessions
    • While major system changes will still be announced on First Friday’s, we will have separate Webinars, when needed, to review the new feature capabilities and use in the system

February 2nd - Admin Overview & Admin Permissions

  • Re-Introduction to the UCM Company Admin Area & User Permissions
  • Goal is to help train New Admins on what options they have available to them, and which areas they will come back to for future system edits, and what areas are more “set it and forget it” options
  • Will not be going too in-depth with any Contract Administration areas, since we will drill into each of them individually in future sessions
  • Will give an in-depth look at User permissions and suggested “Permission Sets” for different User Roles & Types

April 5th - Contract Entry & Data Editing

  • Suggested Contract Entry Order based on internal procedures and needs
  • Resuming an In-Progress Contract
  • Editing & Adding Data to a Contract Container
  • Sub-Table data tracking for historical and more detailed reporting
  • Adding or Editing Dropdown & Multi-Select Values
  • Adding new Fields to existing Contracts
  • Using Modify or Bulk Loader to edit multiple Contracts at the same time

June 7th - Workflow

  • Notifications that Assignees receive, as well as additional Notifications that can be configured
  • Different ways Workflow can be updated in a Container and through Modify
  • Reporting on Workflow, both while in progress and historical
  • Best Practices for Workflow application based on Contract Type, and setting up check-points along the way where changes can be made when required

August 2nd - Milestones & Amendments

  • Overview of Milestone Set-Up, with a focus on the Terms Box Logic Based feature
  • Reminders, Escalations, Snoozing, & Completing
  • Workflow & Collaboration usage during a Milestone Review
  • Updating a Contract with changes, including adding an Amendment Document or Related Contract

October 4th - Document Management

  • Document Sets
  • Template Creation, both for the Admin & End-User in a Container
  • Edit-In-Cloud, and the two options available
  • eSignature Integrations
  • Document Back-Ups & Exports from Containers and Reports

December 6th - Reporting

  • Different Reports available under each of the Enterprise Level Tabs
  • Specific examples of commonly needed reports, with suggested Criteria and Grid Headers
    • Will be opening this section to suggestions from our Admins to address the specific reports you need the most
  • How to Save, Share, & Schedule Reports, as well as the security permissions surrounding each
  • Admin Specific Reports