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In this month's First Friday Webinar we are beginning our system training series, starting with Company Administration Overview.

Recent Updates

  • Vendor Database & Sub-Table Integration frequency
    • Updated from once nightly at 2AM EST to now be every 15 minutes
    • Does not impact any current configs you may have, but you can now send files to the SFTP throughout the day to have them picked up quicker if needed

Admin Overview

  • Account Info & Security History Reports
    • Preset Grids & Reports with information about System & User usage
    • Usually used to verify certain activity, or during security audits
  • Object Administration 
    • Will only show up for Certain Admins 
    • Usually only needed during initial implementation, and occasionally after new enhancements that have the Enable Checkbox located here
  • Settings vs Contract Administration
    • Settings are similar to Object Administration, where these items are configured during Implementation and then usually only used again if new Enhancements come out
    • Easy to confuse Settings as the place where the elements of the system are controlled from
    • Contract Administration is where all the elements you and your Users use most are actually configured, which we’ll take a look at in much more detail throughout the year on future Webinars
  • User Permissions
    • Allow To Permissions
      • Applies system wide for all Contracts and areas the User has visibility to
    • Folder Permissions
      • Main Security separator of UCM, with granular permissions to create different permission sets for different areas of the system
    • Contract Type Permissions

      • Can restrict access to certain Contract Types for confidentiality or ease of use

    • Additional Access

      • Admins & Full-Access Users with the permission can grant one-off access to Users

    • Manage Users & Role Model Relationship

      • Role Models have many of the same permission settings as a User does, which then allows for mass application of similar permissions to many Users

      • Updates to the Role Model will be pushed out to all Users under it

    • Copy Permissions Feature

    • If a User needs Permissions similar to another User or Role Model, you can Copy Permissions to Users to then further edit

    • If User is under a Role Model already, the Role Model can be copied to the User right from their profile