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In this month's First Friday Webinar we are continuing our system training series with Contract Entry & Field Editing.

Upcoming Enhancements (Releasing Friday April 12th)

  • Primary & Document Set Tiles will have Clickable File Names
  • Easier Replace for Document Set Tiles
  • Description Added to Data Entry Page on New Contract Entry
  • A handful of bug fixes:
    • Attachment View Error when Filtering off a Contract View
    • Overnight Milestone History Logs on Cancelled Contracts
    • Notifications on Draft Contracts
    • Old Contract Page occasionally appearing

Contract Entry & Field Editing

  • Contract Entry Order
    • The order of Contract Entry can be adjusted and edited to match your needs
      • You can HIDE pages you feel may not be needed
      • You can also REQUIRE that certain pages appear prior to being allowed to submit and enter into the Container
    • When entering a New Contract, you can pause the Entry and resume later
      • If you are on the Data Entry Page, and have entered data, it is best to Save and Continue to either Template or Document Upload, so that your entered Data is preserved
  • Contract Data Editing & Adding Additional Fields 
    • If the User is Full-Access, and has editing rights, they can Edit the Field Data
      • A Field only keeps the most recent data, but each Field has a History Log where you can see previously entered information
    • The default Fields & Field Groups you see on a Container are based on the Contract Type
      • Additional Fields & Field Groups can be added when needed using the Dropdowns
  • Sub-Table Data Tracking
    • Used in situations where not only the most recent, but also the historical data, needs to be able to have Reports run on it
    • Seen this used the most for Financials/Spend, as well as Vendor Evaluations
    • Can have entries added in one of fours ways:
      • Adding ONE record at a time to a specific Container
      • Bulk Loading MULTIPLE records to a Single Container
      • Bulk Loading MULTIPLE records to Multiple Containers
      • SFTP Integration that would allow records sent from another system to be automatically loaded in when new files from the other system are added ($)
  • Administrative Actions for Fields
    • For any Dropdown or Multi-Select Fields, you can Append or Replace the Selection Values whenever you need to
      • If a Value that was previously available, and selected, is no longer a part of the Values after an update, any Containers that have that Field will preserve the data, even for reporting, but on the next edit to the Field Group that Field is a part of, the User will be asked to pick a new, valid value from the Field again
    • When you need to add a New Field to your system, getting it added to all your existing Contracts can be either a very easy task, or involve a little bit of work depending on which Field Group that new Field will be a part of
      • If the new Field is going into a Field Group that is already a part of Contract Containers in the system, the New Field will be added automatically to them all
    • When you need to add a New Field to your system, getting it added to all your existing Contracts can be either a very easy task, or involve a little bit of work depending on which Field Group that new Field will be a part of
      • If however, this New Field is going to be a part of a new Field Group all together, then you will need to use the Bulk Loader to get that Field Group, and Fields, onto any Existing Containers
      • Any NEW Contracts will include the new Field Group automatically for any Types that have it as a default Field Group.
  • Mass Modifications of Fields
    • From in-system, assuming the Modify Contract Permission Action has been enabled for the User, you can mass Modify any Field on the Contract from a View Grid
      • System Attributes will always show, but custom Fields will appear in a dropdown list
      • The only Fields that will display are those on the Containers selected, NOT all the Fields you have in your system
      • Any updates you make here will be applied to all selected, so this is NOT the best option for updating a Field where the new Values will have multiple entries, not just one single value
    • For updating a single Field with MULTIPLE values for different Contract Containers, the Bulk Loader is the best tool
    • Views should still be used to get the Contract ID and Field Data that you are updating
    • Once the View is run and exported, you can update all the Values in Excel
    • Then you run the file through the Bulk Loader that will update each Contract individually, but still all in one file upload
      • Note: When updating a Custom Field through the Bulk Loader, you need to specify which Field Group that Field is a part of for it to display in the Container like a Contract entered through the system.