Yes, you can! There are two options - a User Login History report from the past 90 days for all users or a User History Report to see what a user's (or all users') actions were during a specified date range.  

User Login History

To see a user's login history, or all user logins from the past 90 days, check out this article or follow these easy steps:

  1. Go to Company Admin
  2. Select Account Info
  3. Click Log-in/Log-out History
  4. Then use the Export icon to generate a .CSV file

Helpful Hint:  You can use tools in Excel, like pivot tables, to calculate statistics such as the busiest day, most active user, average number of users logged in daily, and so much more! 

User History Report

To see what actions were taken by one or more users during a specified date range, check out this article and see what other Security and History Reports are available.