Whether you are using “Classic” or Library Templates in UCM, there are many ways that Templates can be used within UCM. One of the most common ways we see are as Boilerplate Documents that only ever need a few pieces of information changed, while most of the document stays the same.

Creating your Template

You can view guides on how to create Templates by clicking HERE for Library Templates, or HERE for “Classic” Templates. To see the major differences between the two, you can view a Comparison Chart HERE.

Either one of these Template options will work as a Boilerplate Document. All you have to do is place the Field template placeholder in the area you need the data to go. Once you have your Template set-up, follow the directions below to have your Summary Data pulled into your Template.

Creating your Document using your Template

After you’ve created your Boilerplate Document as a Template, all you have to do is:

(1) Head into the Contract Container that has the Summary Data you want to place in your Template.

(2) Go to the Attachments Tab of that Container

(3) Select either the “Classic” Template or Library Template icon that has a Blue +on it

  • Depending on which type of Template you choose to go with, the other icon can be removed


(4) Choose the Document from the grid that pops up by selecting Click to Fill Fields

  • Using User Security Permissions, the documents that are visible here can be limited if needed


(5) Give your Document a Title, Category, and State

  • The other selections, like the Contract to pull data from, will be pre-selected for you.
  • You can decide if you want the Document to be Primary or have a Description5.png

(6) Verify that the information being added is correct


(7) Depending on the type of Template being used, create the document using the following steps:

Library Templates

  • (A) Select Preview/Save to pull up the Request Form in the AceOffix (or OnlyOffice) Edit In Cloud plug in. Click HERE for more information on AceOffix, including installation instructions.
  • (B) Choose Save and Close
  • (C) Select the Upload to Container icon

NOTE:   If using the new OnlyOffice feature, you can simply click the X on this pop-up to automatically save your generated file. After exiting the pop-up, click the Upload to Container icon (C) like above.

Click HERE for more details on the upgraded OnlyOffice online editor.

Classic Templates

  • (A) Select the File Type you want the document to be Word or PDF7B.png
  • (B) You’re automatically returned to the Container’s Attachments Tab where your Document is waiting

You can now distribute that file however you normally would, and you didn’t have to worry about copy and pasting existing information into the same type of document over, and over, and over again. This can be especially helpful for contracts that need regular renewals/signatures such as Affiliation Agreements, Grants, etc. As long as the Summary Data has the correct information, you can create Boilerplate Documents with ease!