Setting up a New User

Creating a New User inside of UCM is very easy. You'll want to go to:

Company Admin --> Manage Users --> New User

When you first set up a User, there is some basic information that is needed, and also a few initial permissions that you can toggle. The more advanced and granular security setting become immediately available after you create the user.

  • (A) Basic Information: ALL REQUIRED! No length or formatting requirements for Username.
  • (B) User Type: Can be changed at any time by Admin's. Explanations of different User Types can be found at the bottom of our UCM Glossary.
  • (C) Role Model: Select any existing Role Models to Apply those permissions to your new user. More information about Role Models can be found in their own Articles in the Manage Users & Role Models Section.
  • (D) Dept-Div: Optional information. Can be very useful in larger organizations to sort users in the Manage Users grid from the previous page. **Has NO relationship to a Role Model**
  • (E) Default Time Zone: Very important to set correctly for History Logs. History logs of employees are set to their local time.
  • (F) Allow To: Global abilities that you can toggle. More details about each option can be found HERE.
  • (G) Contract Actions: Similar to Allow To actions, these are Global Actions that can be toggled on or off, however, we have separated these in their own box because these can potentially do massive damage to the contracts in your system if used incorrectly. More details about these actions can be HERE.
  • (H) Status: If set to Active, your New User will receive an email allowing them to set their password and login immediately. We recommend that you set your User to Inactive unless you are 100% ready for them to enter the system.
  • (I) Save: Once you set these options, click Save and the additional permissions tabs and options will appear. More detail about other User permissions, including Folder Permissions, can be found in the Manage Users & Role Models Section.