Basic User Permissions: Allow To

Your user has a few checkbox options right underneath the User Info section that can adjust what they are allowed to do. Depending on the user type (Admin, Full-Access, Read-Only, No-Login/Template) the options may be slightly different, but they are fairly consistent:

  • (A) Share Views: Share any user created views with others in your company
  • (B) Report from Views: Allows your user to create a Spreadsheet Report from their views
  • (C) Allow Notes Edit: This option is for Read-Only Users ONLY, and will allow them to Edit Notes, which is usually a right reserved for Full-Access or Administrators.
  • (D) Allow Workflow Override: Gives ability to swap out Workflows on a contract container and Override other Workflow settings. More detailed information can be found HERE.
  • (E) Change Initial WF Stage: Will allow your User to select the Stage a Contract is entered into the system in. This permission is tied directly to Workflow Override, where if Override is enabled, so will Change Initial Stage
  • (F) Allow Collaboration: User can initiate a Collaboration conversation (if enabled within your system)     
  • (G) Add/Edit/Delete ViewsEnable or Disable the Users ability to work with Views
  • (H) Use Templates: Grants access to Templates (if enabled in your system)
  • (I) Show All History: Shows the entire history of whatever you’re viewing. Leaving this box unchecked will make it so your user ONLY sees their history activity.
  • (J) Use Document Library: Grants access to Document Library (if enabled in your system)
    (K) Grant Additional Access: Allow the User to grant Additional Access to Contract Containers for other Users. More information about Additional Access can be found HERE.
  • (L) Complete ALL Milestones: Will allow this User to complete Milestones for other Users that are assigned to their Milestones. Will NOT allow the User to Complete on behalf as a proxy.


Basic User Permissions: Contract Actions

Right under the Allow To section, is a box called Contract Actions. These five checkboxes allow you to do mass changes and actions to your contracts. These are only available for Admins and Full-Access Users, and should be given out with extreme caution. We recommend only giving these permissions out when absolutely needed, and to even come back in and disable once the task that required them re completed.

  • (A) Delete Selected: Delete all selected Contracts. There is no cost-effective way to retrieve deleted contracts within UCM. This is the most dangerous Action that could be performed. You do get a few pop-up warnings before completing the action, but use the most caution with this checkbox.
  • (B) Copy Selected: Create a single copy of a contract container, including attachments if you wish. Works as a great tool if you have multiple contracts that are very similar, or you re-up with an old vendor and want to create a new container with the old history, while still preserving the original contract container.
  • (C) Modify Selected: Change details of a container like Name, Owner, Type, Workflow, etc at a mass level. If the contracts are not selected carefully, lots of details about multiple contracts could get changed very quickly.
  • (D) Email Selected: Outdated relic option from older version of UCM. Leave Unchecked. Replaced with Collaboration and Email tab from within contract container.
  • (E) Create Corresponding X Records: Create Activities and Manual Milestones, or add Attachments or Notes, to Contracts on a mass scale. No much irreversible damage can be done with this option, but with any mass change options, it could take a decent amount of time to clean up any mess that could be made accidentally.