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In this month's First Friday Webinar we discussed Enhancements, both those that are new in the system, and a few that we anticipate releasing before the end of the year.

NEW Enhancements

10/29 & 11/1 Release Notes (Click to read full Release Notes)

  • Gear Cog for bringing up Column Selector on Grids
  • Excel File Format on Scheduled Views
  • Company Admin Sub-Menus
  • Notification Center | Milestone ID
  • Terms Box | Default to Open on NEW Contracts
  • Grid Filters | Manage Users

Patches/Bug Fixes

  • Workflow | Approval Icon "Flash"
  • Activities | Appearing too early in Notification Center
  • Activities | Old pop-up appearing in bottom left corner of screen

Upcoming Enhancements (Looking to release before the years end)

  • Milestones | Logic Based Options for Term Type
  • Milestones | Per-Container "Off" Switch (permission based)
  • Milestones | Statuses
  • Templates| Adding ALL Term Dates & System Attributes to both Classis & Library Templates
  • Notification Center | Messages
    • Will allow UCM Support to send out updates to both Admins and End-Users without relying on email
    • Local UCM Admins will be able to send messages to just their Users for any internal messages that are important to system usage and procedures