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In this month's First Friday Webinar we reviewed all of the new Enhancements to UCM over the past few months, as well as took a look at a few new items coming to the system over the next few weeks and months.

NEW Enhancements

  • Messaging Center
    • Allows UCM Support to communicate easier to you and your Users
    • Allows you as Admins to send Company Specific Messages to either all, or just certain Users
  • Milestone Statuses
    • Will make it easier to identify in your Notification Center and Grids what is happening with your Milestones
    • Will also make it easier to Report on sets of Milestones as opposed to relying simply on Dates

Upcoming Enhancements

The following enhancements are scheduled to be released the week of 2/14. More details and guides will follow

  • Notify Others on Approval/Rejection
    • You will be able to configure additional Users to be notified on either an Approval or Rejection of a Workflow Stage, regardless of if they are directly involved and/or assigned to a Workflow Stage
  • Skipping Stages after an Approval
    • If you have a Stage configured to be skippable after an Approval Stage in your Workflow, a pop-up will appear allowing the final approver to determine which Stage the Workflow will move to next. Will ONLY appear if your Stages are configured to be skippable, and will only allow skipping up to the next non-skippable Stage.
  • Easier Approval Resetting in a Workflow
    • New pop-up messages and note clearing will hopefully make it easier for you and your Users if an Approval Workflow needs to be recompleted. All original Approval/Rejections notes and movement history will still be tracked, but any subsequent Approvals will all appear fresh and easier to interact with.

New UCM Document Editor

UCM will be getting a new Edit-In-Cloud editor option in the coming months! 

This new Document Editor will allow you to edit any Word document from right within UCM, which is something you can do right now using our AceOffix plug-in, however this new editor comes with some other major benefits:

  • The new Editor is Web-Based, which means there is no install required, and IT will NOT have to get involved
  • Any new User you create will immediately be able to edit and work with Templates (given the permission to do so
  • Administering Library Templates is easier than ever, with in-system creation and editing
  • All your existing Library Template items will be automatically converted over to using the new Editor if you make the switch 

More information, as well as content specific articles and webinars, will be coming prior to release of this new enhancement.