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In this month's First Friday Webinar we reviewed all of the new Enhancements to UCM over the past few months, as well as took a look at a few new items coming to the system over the next few weeks and months.

New Enhancements

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  • Favorites & Grouping of Template Grids to help End-User find and use their Templates faster
    • For both Classic & Library
  • OnlyOffice Patch Fixes
    • Pop-out window locked to the size of the screen so the Save & Close "X" is not longer bale to be hidden
    • "User able to Edit Preview" permission setting now works as it should

New Contract Entry Flow

  • Releasing early July (anticipating the weekend of July 8th)
  • Will be available and usable by all systems and Users upon release. No need to request
  • In the current Direct Entry, there will be a switch to use either the New method, or the Legacy
  • Admins can default their system to the New Method if they’d prefer. A switch back to Legacy will still be there as well
  • This first roll-out is simply a process change, but many new exciting features will now be possible with this change to data entry like Logic Based Workflows, Required Document "packages" for certain Contracts, and much more!