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In this month's First Friday Webinar we reviewed a handful of new Enhancements to the system, how to run specific Workflow reports, and took an early look 

New Enhancements

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  • Remove Reviewers from your System
  • Quick preview look at Workflow from Stage Name & Workflow links in a Contracts View
  • Current Stage Assignee View Headers & Criteria

Workflow Reporting

  • How to run Current Stage Assignee reports for both a specific User, and a Role with a certain User assigned
  • Find all Contracts currently in a Stage, also limiting by the number of Days in that Stage and specific Workflow
  • Historical Stage reporting for how long Contracts took to get through Specific Stages

First Look Friday: Terms Box Administration

  • Preview look at Administrative Tools you'll soon be able to use and configure for the Terms Box
  • Anticipated release: Early to Mid-September
  • With this upcoming enhancement, you will be able to: 
    • Rename Term Types as well as Start & End Date
    • Remove certain Term Types if they are not needed in your organization
    • Remove Cancelled On Date from specific Term Types
    • Make certain Terms Required on entry & edits
    • Add custom Fields to the Terms box, making it more like a Field Group