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In this month's First Friday Webinar we reviewed a handful of new Enhancements to the system, how to run specific Workflow reports, and took an early look preview at new Terms Administration options coming to the system soon!

New Enhancements

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  • Remove Reviewers from your System
  • Quick preview look at Workflow from Stage Name & Workflow links in a Contracts View
  • Current Stage Assignee View Headers & Criteria

Workflow Reporting

  • How to run Current Stage Assignee reports for both a specific User, and a Role with a certain User assigned
  • Find all Contracts currently in a Stage, also limiting by the number of Days in that Stage and specific Workflow
  • Historical Stage reporting for how long Contracts took to get through Specific Stages

First Look Friday: Terms Box Administration

  • Preview look at Administrative Tools you'll soon be able to use and configure for the Terms Box
  • Anticipated release: Early to Mid-September
  • With this upcoming enhancement, you will be able to: 
    • Rename Term Types as well as Start & End Date
    • Remove certain Term Types if they are not needed in your organization
    • Remove Cancelled On Date from specific Term Types
    • Make certain Terms Required on entry & edits
    • Add custom Fields to the Terms box, making it more like a Field Group