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Morning Session Afternoon Session

In this month's First Friday Webinar we reviewed what impact the New Terms Administration Options will have on your End-Users, as well as reviewed the Enhancements that have recently gone into the system.

New Enhancements

Read more specifics HERE

  • Consolidated Document Upload from a Container
  • Workflow Preview in all areas a Workflow can be applied
  • Improved Classic & Library Template "Creation Flow" for End-Users

Terms Box Administration | End User Impact

With the release of the new Terms Box Administrative Options, we took a look at what changes will affect ALL systems upon release, and then how certain optional configuration choices may affect your system if you choose to use them.

  • What will happen to existing Term Boxes & data entry upon release?
  • How making certain Term Date Fields Required will affect system usage.
  • The Data Entry Page "Mismatched Data" Pop-Up
  • Editing a Container when Custom Fields are in the Terms Box

For specific information about the Terms Box Administration Configuration options, please view the step-by-step guide HERE, or you can also watch August's edition of First Friday where we explored the options in detail HERE.