Administrators have the ability to Lock a Container down in Read-Only mode whenever they feel the need, whether it be during a difficult review stage where you do not want anything being changed during negotiations, once it is Active, or even once it is Expired to prevent any changes to the final data.

When a Container is locked down as Read-Only, ALL Users, regardless of User Type or Permissions, will be unable to make any edits to Data, Workflow, or Reminders, and all Documents will be locked down from deleting or adding any additional.

Whatever the reason may be for you to lock down a Container, there are two ways you can do so.

Note: It is ONLY Administrator Users who can Lock/Un-Lock a Container. Full-Access and Read-Only Users can NOT be given the permissions to do so.

Single Container Lock-Down

From inside a Contract Container, under the ellipsis icon near the Contract Name (A), you will see an option to Lock (B).

Once you have the Container locked, you'll see a Lock Icon (C) next to the ellipsis to let Users know the Container is locked. They will also receive a pop-up letting them know if they try to update, add, or delete anything.

To Unlock the Container, simply click the ellipsis again, and select Unlock (D).

Multiple Container Lock-Down

To lock down multiple Containers at one time, you can use the Contract Modify Action from any Contract View.

You'll want to begin by either selecting all the Contracts you want to lock from the grid (E), or run a View to filter down just the Contracts you want to lock so you can simply use Select All instead of individually picking the Contracts. Once selected, choose Modify Contract (F) from the Action Dropdown, and select Execute (G).

Once the Modify Pop-up appears, click on the Lock/Unlock (H) link to bring up the dropdown option to choose either Locked or Unlocked (I). Your choice here would depend on if you are Locking or Unlocking the selected Contracts, but once you have made your choice, hit Save (J) to apply, the exit the pop-up (K).

Report on Locked Down Containers

To see any Containers that are currently locked, or unlocked, you can run a View including the criteria shown below of Locked:

Locked is also the Column you can add to any Views to see the current Locked Status. Anything in Red IS Locked, and Green is Unlocked. Clicking on any of these icons (L) will change the Status of the container as well, if the changes you need to make are too much for single Contracts at a time, but not enough to fully use Modify.