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This month's First Friday Webinar was a combination of last summer's 3-part series on Templates. We take a high level look at creation, use, and security. For a more in depth look at any of the topics covered, use the links below:

Template Step-by-Step Guides

First Friday | Episode 8: "Classic" vs. Library Templates

First Friday | Episode 9: Boilerplate Documents & Request Forms

First Friday | Episode 10: Templates as Vendor Evaluations

AceOffix Install and IT Install Guide

Templates | An Overview

  • Template Comparison

    • Difference between "Classic" and Library Templates

    • Requirements for each

    • AceOffix required for Library Templates

      • Article above with instructions for personal install and IT

  • Template Creation

    • How to create "Classic" Templates

      • Created in UCM

      • Uses a basic Text Editor

    • How to create Library Templates

      • Uses Word for creation and set-up

      • Requires AceOffix

  • Example Template Uses

    • Request Form

      • Can be used to create a new Container alongside the document

    • Boilerplate Agreement

      • Extract data being tracked in UCM from Summary Tab to place into the Template document

    • Vendor Evaluation

      • Data entered into a form does NOT need to be stored in UCM (although it can be)

      • Can be used to create and store annual evaluations with all other Contract details 

  • Template Security

    • Limit visibility to all or some "Classic" or Library Templates

    • Create a Request User Type from a Read-Only User

Coming Soon

  • Document Milestones - 8/15

    • Set rules and create Milestones for individual documents in a Container

    • More detail to come!

  • New User Security Report - 8/15

    • You will now be able to run an Admin report to see all Contract Types, Workflows, and Template documents a User has access to for both new entry and system usage.

  • Workflow Approvals | ALL or ANY

    • Will be able to select if a Workflow Approval Stage needs to have ALL Users assigned approve (current configuration) or, just one of them.

    • No current ETA