On December 7th, UCM will be getting a new look Enterprise Ribbon as the first of many “makeovers” to come in the next few months. The updated look and feel will add more global actions throughout the system, as well as making it faster than ever to navigate to Administrative sections. There is nothing that is being removed from the current Enterprise Ribbon, but, we have rearranged some items, and added a few new ones as well!

Below is the old Enterprise Ribbon, with specific elements that have moved location marked. Underneath that, is the NEW Ribbon with the same areas marked for reference. Please use these if you are having any difficulty navigating the new Ribbon.

Included in this section are other Knowledgebase Articles about the new Contracts Tab as well as the new Notification Bell & Global Search. Please use these for more details on these areas.

Old Enterprise Ribbon


NEW Enterprise Ribbon

Items that have been moved or updated will appear bold in the table below.




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